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Auto Clicker ToolsBy using Auto Clicker tools you can speed up certain computer tasks. You must know some computer processes can be really tedious. These need your constant presence so that you can¡¯t leave the machine and engage in other jobs. Again sitting through the entire process only to click the mouse at regular interval can be really boring. Those who are crazy about computer games know very well that some games demand fast mouse clicking at specific intervals. If you can¡¯t do so, then there is chance of getting killed by the enemy and losing the game. Now, this can be disastrous for those who are real lovers of computer games. These are the situations when Auto Clicker comes into play. There are a range of tools to make the task easy for users like setting up the click pattern or defining time interval. You can further save the click pattern so that it can be used repeatedly. The clicking style is so ¡®human like¡¯ that you will never feel that it is happening automatically! Browsing, searching, playing games and many more repetitive computer tasks can be simplified with auto clicker software.

AC Auto Clicker is a useful tool which automates the mouse click action, instead of hand. This application can provide perfect relief for busy fingers if any computer program requires frequentAuto Clicker Tools clicking of mouse or even when you are playing a game. You can opt for click on the current mouse point or define a fixed point, no matter what your current mouse position is. For the second option, you need to capture the specific point first and then press any particular hotkey to stop the auto clicker. The hotkey can be used to start the clicker too. Further you can define the time gap of clicking. The software is compatible with any standard system.

AC Picture Clicker is an extremely simple and user friendly software which anyone can operate. Sometimes you may want the mouse to be clicked on a certain image. This tool is intelligent enough to detect the particular image on the screen and then initiate mouse clicking. The intuitive interface allows you to change the time interval as well as key shortcuts, i.e., you will be able to search the picture on your screen at particular interval as defined by you. To begin with you need to load the picture of 24 bit format, which you want to click at. You can set up the Auto Clicker Toolsmatching criteria within a range of 60%-100%. So, if you opt for 100% that means the image you define and the image found on the screen must match exactly. Further, you can define whether the search for image is to be done on full screen or partly. The time interval can be set up too. Depending on requirements, you can opt for fixed interval or define the time gap.

AC Color clicker comes with lots of advanced facilities apart from the basic ones. This is one comprehensive program which allows you to auto click on certain fixed color blocks on the screen. The beauty of this program is its easy-to-use interface which consists of a single screen. It doesn't take too much time to get acquainted with the operation. The first step is to ¡®Start capture the color¡¯. Once the color has been found, you can press any key to stop the capture. Thus the color gets recorded. This is followed by defining search criteria, i.e., you can instruct to click on color which is similar to 60%. If you define 100%, then the pre-defined color and the color found on screen should match accurately. Another advantage of this tool is that it lets you define screen scope, i.e., the searching can be done full screen or on specific portion as defined by the user. Besides you can define hotkeys to initiate or stop the mouse click action. Auto Clicker Tools AC Finder & Clicker is another helpful tool. It lets you auto capture the picture which is to be found, by defining scope on the screen. You can auto define the scope on the screen i.e., full or partial screen. The software finds the picture and initiates the click, repeatedly at fixed or regular interval.

Auto clicker tools can be of extreme help, provided you have selected the right one. As described above, each program has its specific utilities. So, it is very important to be aware of your particular requirement before purchasing the product. There are many companies which offer auto clicker software and all of them claim to offer the very best. As a customer it is up to you to select the best service provider. To do so, explore online and take a close look at various product features and ensure if these meet your criteria. On a close introspection you will find that product feature of one company varies from the other. So, if not very sure then do talk to the company executive and request for some guidance. Enquire if there is any specific system adjustment needed, to run the software.

A simple way to know about the auto clicker operation is to take a look at the screenshot provided by the company website. In fact there are many sites which make the task real easy for the user by offering a detailed screenshot. This provided precise idea about how to operate the software. So, if you feel comfortable with the operational procedure then take the next step, i.e. Auto Clicker Toolsrequest for a free download. Usually such downloads are offered for limited periods or specific sizes. The advantage is that by using the free download you can get acquainted with the product operation and then proceed with final purchase.

If you are a serious user of auto clicker then it is advisable to buy the product. Most products are available within reasonable price ranges. The benefit of buying the product is that it will ensure timely service from the company and also regular product updates.

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