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Automate through Auto Clicker Tools - A Pandora Box of Automation

AutoClickerSoft - Expanding on its popular line of automation products, ADVANCED MOUSE AUTO CLICKER Ltd., today announced a new Auto Clicker Tool to enable computer users enhance their productivity and reclaim their lost efficiency by saving valuable time, thereby allowing them to redirect their efforts solely towards their work.

Built with latest technologies and taking into account various computer automation needs of users, Auto Clicker Tools empowers anyone to automate mouse clicks with configurable time intervals and record their actions, thereby allowing them to save and use their time effectively. With plethora of advance features, these tools come with out-the-of-box support for popular OS such as Microsoft Windows Win98/ME/NT4/NT2K/XP/2003/2008/Vista/win7.

Anyone can use these tools according to their needs, without worrying much about its learning curve. With intuitive and easy-to-use interface, automating mouse click anytime anywhere on the screen has never been so easy. One can easily automate pointing and clicking a menu item, a gaming action, a color, a picture or any other action across the dimension of a computer screen by setting it to follow any unit of time; be it 0.1 second or to occur after few hours. It also allows a user to configure their mouse/trackball/touchpad buttons for either single or double click automation, thereby enabling them to harnesses the full potential of their keyboard and mouse.

Auto Clicker Tools, with other advance features enables it to offer additional options, such as defining fixed intervals between clicks, enabling start and stop hotkeys, setting its start and stop intervals, post click actions as well as automating it for multiple and sequential clicks at any particular time. These tools can as well record keyboard and mouse actions over a period of time and save them as macro scripts for later use. Other notable advance feature allows automation of text input, configuring mouse click repeat speed, time configurable automatic clicks at random point across the screen and automatic start-up during windows boot-up.

Although available in both basic and professional versions, a limited free Auto Clicker Tool is available for everyone through Download and install to experience the sheer pleasure of mouse click automation without ever worrying to pay for it. For more information, news and updates about Auto Clicker Tools, please visit the website at Founded in 2008, ADVANCED MOUSE AUTO CLICKER Ltd. is a US firm, maintaining office in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and is found online at They are uniquely positioned as personal computer automation software provider that allows people to save their time and enhance their productivity.

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